Back at the beach house

Storms roll in at the beach
Storms roll in at the beach (Dauphin Island, AL)

This year is rather different than last year.  Last year at this time, I was still searching for a full-time job, still enrolled in my doctoral program, and actually in the process of writing my comp exam.  Last year at this time, I was beyond stressed and unhappy. 

This year, not so much.

Yeah, I still have some work I’m doing.  I have two active classes right now, two more that will start on the 13th that I’m in the process of setting up, and a few little projects on the side.  And this year, I’m enrolled in an MFA program, so I’m reading and editing a zombie story.  So it’s not like I’m exactly not working, but it’s reduced working.  And this year, I’m not beyond stressed or unhappy.

In fact, this year, I’ve been napping.  I’ve been reading.  I’ve been writing.  I’ve been watching the storms roll in and listening to the thunder out over the water.  And I’ve been taking pictures and playing in the ocean and overall having a good time. 

So far, I haven’t gotten much done, but that’s okay.  This is a vacation, right?  And while I may not be able to totally get away from work, at least I’ve gotten away.

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