The Year Without a Santa Claus (Errr….Job)

Here’s the thing.  It’s not that I haven’t been working at all.  It just that I haven’t been working “full time” (I’ve been working more than full-time, honestly, just at part-time pay).  And that had been something that I thought would really throw a monkey wrench in the works.  But it hasn’t been as bad as all that.

Sure, it hasn’t necessarily been fun or easy, but we’ve made it through a full year, since I lost my full-time job right before Christmas last year.  Of course, they called it “involuntary separation” but it was what it was – a pink slip before the holidays.  I know I should say I’m not bitter anymore, but why lie?  It still rankles me.

But that’s not the point of this.  The point is that we survived another year, not too worse for the wear, we had a nice Christmas, and now I’m sitting here, typing this on my Montgomery Ward typewriter I got for my birthday a few months ago.  (Yeah, I know you have no way of knowing what I’m using – by the time you see this, it will have been typed up and uploaded to WordPress.  But I wanted you to know.)

So why did I sit down and bang this out?  And let me remind you, all you people who no longer use manual typewriters, that you must indeed *bang* on these old things!  Well, mostly just as a declaration that I survived the year, and I have no plans of stopping anytime soon.  It has definitely been interesting, going from what I thought was my dream job to a series of learning environments, some of which I hope not to return to, unless something changes drastically, but at least I can end the year feeling like I accomplished something, even if that something was change.

I’m not a big believer in the old “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”  Instead, I prefer Jonathan Coulton…

If it doesn’t kill you it’ll make you stronger
But if it kills you you’ll be dead
Use fluorescent bulbs, they’ll probably last longer
But the buzzing sound might hurt your head
There’s two ways of looking at your problem
Right or wrong, win or lose
Stand around and you’ll never get the job done
All you have to do is choose

Cause while I don’t quite see myself as the Bionic Woman or the 6 Million Dollar Man, I do think that I have chosen, and I’ve definitely gotten some job done.