Today I wore a hoodie to see if anyone would call me a thug

hoodieI’m a 39 year old white woman who lives in a mostly diverse neighborhood.

Yet our neighborhood has a Facebook neighborhood watch page (as I’m sure a lot of other neighborhoods probably have as well), and the other day, someone posted up a picture of a teenager wearing a hoodie and called him a thug and accused him of being up to no good.

Admittedly, it’s 90 degrees out, so wearing a hoodie with the hood up is kinda weird. But I know plenty of special needs kids who would be wearing nothing but their underwood on a cold winter day and only long sleeves and ski pants during the middle of the summer. I don’t judge because someone is wearing something I consider too hot or too cold for the weather. You can’t know what the full story is.

Other people called out the original poster of the image, who responded by saying that the brother of the teenager was indeed a criminal (he has a record for burglary and other B&E type crimes), but this boy, to the best of my knowledge, has never been convicted, and having a sibling who has committed crimes does not seem, to me, to be enough to convict this teenager of doing anything wrong other than breaking some fashion laws.

So far today, I have not been called a thug. True, the day isn’t over – there are a few hours left – but I have a feeling that I won’t get called a thug if anyone sees me. I guess it could happen. But someone I don’t think it will.

Why did I bother wearing a hoodie? Why did I bother posting this?

Because, people, stop being assholes! Being related to a criminal does not make you a criminal, and choosing to wear something that other people don’t like doesn’t make you a criminal (or criminal in the making). Seeing a black teenager in a hoodie does not make him a thug, but you calling him one does make you judgmental and a racist.

Think before you publicly call someone out because someone else (like me) might call you right back.


A dozen ideas for Father’s Day for those of us who aren’t rolling in it

Father's Day TieI love reading the ‘Style’ section of the Sunday paper. Each week, I look forward to seeing what I can’t afford but what I should be breaking the 10th Commandment by looking at. They are kind enough to cover what girls should spend on their prom dresses (hint: hundreds of dollars, not including their purses and shoes) and then show how much people upgrade their homes and pay what could be considered a year’s salary for most of America in order to make their living rooms look even more sterile.

But I digress.

This weekend, the paper was kind enough to include ‘A Dozen Ideas for Father’s Day 2015.”

  1. $600 boots
  2. $200 sunglasses
  3. $3,500 watch
  4. $200 to $400 cologne
  5. $65 bow tie
  6. $40 shaving kit
  7. $300 ‘emulsion’ to ‘[hydrate] a dull, dry face’
  8. $50 hat
  9. $200 shoes
  10. $70 swim trunks
  11. $750 briefcase
  12. $250 Fit Bit

Okay, admittedly, two of the items were $50 or less, so I suppose that you don’t truly need to be rolling in it to purchase those. But for what you get – a cheesy fedora or a shaving kit – I can’t help but think that the money might be better spent.

I decided to go ahead and come up with my own dozen ideas for those of us who read the style guide and giggle.

Here it is – ‘A Dozen Ideas for Father’s Day 2015 When You Only Have $20 to Spend’

  1. $9 Black Military Shoe & Boot Clean Kit with Tactical Travel Case
  2. $15 Twelve Superhero Pinhole Glasses
  3. $15 Classic Calculator and Calendar Watch
  4. $11 Three Pack of Axe Body Spray, Cool Metal
  5. $4 Blue Blinky Light Bow Tie
  6. $6 Microwavable Face Wax Kit
  7. $16 Menscience Eye Gel Mask
  8. $7 Stylish Retro Lion Head Shape Rivet Embellished Baseball Cap
  9. $12 Set of 12 Black Flip Flops
  10. $5 Sexy Men’s Thong Man Swimming Underwear G-Strings Comfy Mesh Gauze Swimwear (Admittedly, you do *not* want to see your father wearing these!)
  11. $5 Fanny Pack (Sample – free fanny pack, but $5 shipping cost)
  12. $10 3D Smart Pedometer Sport Bracelet Watch Step Walking Distance Calorie Counter Activity Tracker

Maybe not all my ideas were winners – or serious – but I think it shows that you can have a whole lot of fun for less than $20 and still get something good for your father. Unless your father is an asshole. Then get him this.