Walking on Broken Glass…

ImageSo with all the joys of packing and trying to leave for vacation, I completely forgot to mention another joy – the joy of discovering that your almost new (not quite  3 months old!) washing machine – the first one that you’ve owned that wasn’t the cheapest one in the shop – bust a gut.  Well, not really a gut.  Most like a glass top.

Yes, apparently the glass top of the washing machine decided to implode.  I say that because when I heard it happen, I was in another room.  The washing machine wasn’t running – hadn’t been running for about six or seven hours – and there was no one in the room with it.  I was just sitting there, and suddenly there was a noise like someone had gone all Dexter on a roll of bubble wrap.  How odd, I thought.  But no cats came running, no dogs barked, and nothing else seemed out of the ordinary so I dismissed it as a weird noise and kept on with what I was doing (which was probably grading papers since that seems to be the majority of what I do with my life).

A few minutes later, I got up to do some packing for the trip since we were set to leave the next morning, and I walked through the laundry room to drop off something in the car.  And that’s when I actually saw it.

The glass lid of the washing machine had seemingly shattered.  It had spider-web cracks all over it, seemingly originating from nowhere yet somehow covering the entire surface.  How it happened..why it happened…no idea.

We touched it, and it seemed weak.  If any pressure had been put on it, I think it would have rained down the glass shards into the washer, definitely something we wanted to avoid.  And, of course, we were leaving on vacation the next morning.  So just like the fact that my car battery died earlier on in the week, I was semi-grateful it had happened.  It would have been worse had the lid shattered while we were gone.  A cat sitter would have shown up and potentially discovered a cat, stuck in the bottom of the washer, covered in blood or dead.  Scary thought for all of us.  At least this way, we knew about it. And we had access to the information for the warranty.

The problem now was how to keep exactly that from happening (the whole dead and/or bloody cat scenario, that is…).  I found the “Pop-Pop board” in the garage.  (For those not in the know, my grandfather, Pop-Pop, could build anything.  Years and years and years ago, he built this awesome big wooden board with rails along the sides.  My mother used it to do puzzles on.  My sister and I used it to build with small wooden blocks on top of it or played with our marbles – you couldn’t lose them because the rails kept them on it…and it was absolutely gorgeous, too – dark wood, lovely stain…)  We duct-taped the board over the top because it covered it well enough to keep it from putting pressure on the already cracked glass, and then we piled some empty cardboard boxes all askew on top, trying to keep the cats from jumping up, just in case.

So we’ve been gone for a few days now, and so far, no dead or injured cats, so that’s a hopeful sign.  And the local service company that will come out and check the warranty “issue” have already called to make the appointment for the day we get back.  If all goes well, we’ll have a working and safe washer in under two weeks.  If not, be looking for a blog that talks about the evils of LG…


13 thoughts on “Walking on Broken Glass…

  1. we have had the same problem, 3 times now…they told us to keep the lid down after the first time, but my mom who is 78 put in a small load and later my husband heard a strange noise coming from the washer area when he came in from the garage and lid was cracking befoe his very eyes. tonight same thing, put a small load in and walked away, later, found the lid cracked…we have asked if there is just a regular lid but so far there is not…so a repair man is coming in 2 days to replace this one, and now only 30 days left in our warranty…it seems to do it when it is a small load…

    1. This just happened to me. I did a search because I figured there is no way this is normal. It just shattered all by itself, the machine wasn’t even in use. Did you guys replace it at your expense? or does LG understand that there is a problem here

  2. In our case, they did come and replace it at no charge after asking a bunch of “are you sure you didn’t break it??” questions. It was pretty clear, though, that there was no single point of damage. The whole things just shattered.

  3. Hello-I just googled ‘LG washing machine lid shattered’ and it led me to your blog. Did you ever hear from LG? My lid just shattered and I’m ready to take on LG. This is a defective product. Somebody could get hurt.

  4. My washer is less than 2 years old – came home to find a shattered lid. Called LG and they acted like this couldn’t happen and OF COURSE not covered by warranty. From what I am seeing – there is a problem!!

  5. My lid also shattered while not even in use. My LG is Just over 2 years old and no longer under warranty. I contacted customer service and was advised that since it was no longer under warranty they could not replace it. I told them this must be a defect and they said they have no knowledge of this happing to anyone else ! I will fight this with them ! I’ve come across many of the same complaints from one simple google ! I am printing out every page to show them that this is indeed a common problem .

  6. I actually spoke with the customer service mgr and I complained that with the amount of people I found with the same situation just by googling shattered LG glass lid that this product should be recalled! He gave me the same story that they have no knowledge of this happening before. He said LG cannot cover the cost to replace the lid if its not under warranty or recalled ! I was so irate I vowed I would never purchase another LG product again and social media will not be your friend. Anyhow after I hung up the phone I entered a complaint with http://www.saferproducts.gov. I also found that you can order the complete lid from http://www.searspartsdirect.com for $19.49 plus $8.95 shipping the part # is 3523EA1055F its called a lid assembly. You can even order it by phone at 1-800-469-4663. It seems like it would be easy to install, just unscrew the 3 screws on each side of the lid. An appliance repair main will charge $100 for the lid plus $125 for labor. I am going to try replacing it myself and if its too difficult then I’ll just have to pay $125 labor charge. I’m still steaming over this but I’m letting all friends and family about LG ! That’s my retaliation!

  7. Same thing just happened to my washing machine (WT4801CW). This has to be a recall issue given the number of complaints found online. Of course, I’m out of warranty but I’ll be curious to see how they respond. Wish me luck!

  8. LG was absolutely no help and refused to acknowledge that this happens to many of these washers. I called an appliance repairman only to pay $80 just for him to come and look at it then tell me it would cost $265 to replace. I said no way ! After much googling on my own I found searspartsdirect.com. Plug in your model # then choose the replacement lid I believe it was part #110. I paid $12 I believe for it and replaced it myself. It was very simple to do. The website gives directions to replace, and their customer service is very helpful for any questions.

  9. Same thing happened to us today. The machine wasn’t in use, the lid was up, and nobody was in the room. We heard a lot pop and then watched the glass continue to crack into tiny pieces for ~15 mins.

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