C’mon now, seriously?

Last week, the universe laughed at me.




I began training at an (unnamed) for-profit online university for a part-time teaching position.  They gave me voice mail and email.  So I went ahead and checked the email that had apparently been set up last month when they first decided to hire me, but before I actually had the password to access it.

In the email, dated January 19, the president announced that there had been layoffs. 

Talk about a rude remembrance!

And I will admit that, when I read it, part of me felt guilty for starting to teach there when I knew I’d be making money at a school that had just enacted a reduction in force, like the one I am already suffering through. 

But I also know that I don’t expect people to stop teaching at my old school just because they were foolish enough to let me go.  So I am continuing my training and trying to get the part-time gig because, well, it pays.  And for now, that’s going to have to be enough for me.

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