Not so “super” a bowl

And, no, I’m not actually commenting on the game…I know who played in it, but I don’t know who won, and I don’t really care…

I also know that I’m far from the first person to bring this up, but I don’t care.  I just want to mention it one more time and see if it sinks in.

Teachers are so underpaid!

We do more than run around on a field and throw a ball (sometimes bad) and catch a ball (or sometimes miss it), and while I’m not exactly a fan of sports metaphors (get it, a *fan* of sports metaphors?! ha ha ha!), this one seems to work. 

In both cases, you perform.  Sometimes for fans, sometimes for people who hate you and what you stand for.  (Especially if you teach English or math…)

It’s possible to fumble or fail and still have a successful game (or class).

It takes a lot of prep and practice and training to be good at what you do, and there’s also something to be said for having natural talent. 

You have a season/semester.

But…the semester last a lot longer, and they pay is a helluva worse!

Okay, so the career lasts longer.  In fact, teachers are notorious for staying at schools for 20 or more years – but even if you add up all those years of tenure, chances are you’re still not even close to what a pro player makes in a single year.  And it’s definitely less than they make in their lifetimes.

And, again, I know that this isn’t a new argument, but it bears repeating that faculty – good faculty – do a lot more than entertain for a few hours a week. 

They teach.

They inspire.

They prepare their students to be successful.

So maybe this is all just sour grapes, but when I consider our financial priorities as a whole, I really have to wonder if bread and circuses are always that much more worthy of our spending cash.

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