Meeting the Universe Half Way

Many years ago, I heard a blonde joke.  It was about a blonde who wanted to win the lottery.  She asked god to help her.  She would do anything – anything! – if only god let her win the lottery.  And yet week after week, she didn’t win.  The blonde was, understandably for a blonde, upset.  Here she was, asking god for her, and getting nothing!   After yet another loss, she asked god why.  And god said:

“Meet me half-way!  Buy a ticket!”

Well, I have discovered what the blonde found out is true.  After spending quite some time not sending out my work (fiction, poetry, etc), I began sending it out again last month.  And so far, I’ve sold two fiction pieces.  Apparently it is very hard for someone to buy your work if you don’t let them read it.

So I am taking the lesson of the blonde to heart, and I’m going to keep on trying to meet the universe half-way by sending out my work.

Oh, and if anyone wants to send me some winning lotto tickets, I’m good with that, too.


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