Just a funny for a change…

Toughnut to crack!

This really got me thinking that maybe the police aren’t really looking as carefully as they should…

The first time, back on July 2, in New York when they found a walled-up teacher reported missing by her husband (who was, of course, probably the one who murdered her and walled her up in the basement), could get a buy.  Yeah, who thinks to take down a basement wall when you’re searching, right?  (Although perhaps the false wall was a bit of a hint…or maybe they never read Edgar Allen Poe…)

But then, on July 16, a widow was charged after they found her husband (quite dead) buried in the front yard.  The *front* yard.  Yes, it was a “rural home,” but still.  The front yard.  It doesn’t even sound like she tried to hide it.  She totally put him right out front.  I’m surprised the tombstone didn’t give it away!  (Okay, so it doesn’t actually say there was a tombstone…but why not, eh?)

And, no, I really don’t want to make too much light of this.  Let’s be honest and fair: two people died.  Two people were murdered.  But it’s just hard to believe that the crimes went unsolved for so long when it should have been obvious to even Mr. Bean what had happened.