Obnoxious job ads

Pennies, CC-BY, via PDPhoto.org

I should know better.  I know I should know better.  But sometimes I’ve found interesting or otherwise amusing ads on Craigslist, so I tend to check out the listings for jobs.  A few weeks ago, I found a listing (now gone) that asked for someone willing to take an online class in place of the “student” for $500.  What a joke – $500!  That’s a lot of effort.  And not a lot of money.  And, well, you know, that whole ethics thing. 

But today I found two new listings that were pretty funny.  First, this one:


What an awesome opportunity!  You can write an 80-page (20,000 word) novella in four weeks, as well as an outline, and you’ll be paid a whopping $150, which comes out to about $.0075/word.  And, of course, you’ll be doing it as a ghost writer, so you sign away all rights, get no royalties or future publishing rights, and your name won’t be on it.  Although, to be fair, why would you want your name on something that you wrote in four weeks for a whopping $150?  Cause it’s either totally crappy, or you’re really into selling yourself short because it’s good and you should get a lot more money – and credit – for it.

But, wait, there’s more!

If you’re not insulted yet, check out this ad:

They are looking for graduates with a 3.4 or better GPA who have graduated from a “prestigious” college…and they include links at the bottom so you can check and see if your college made the cut.  The example they provide for what they want in the subject line of the email is Princeton.  Because, you know, Craigslist is just full of Princeton and other “prestigious” college graduates who are desperate to work on k-8 curriculum.  And, you know, only people from “prestigious” colleges are worth hiring.