Because scissors

Sometimes a buy this/get that sale makes sense. Like buying salad dressing and getting croutons for free.

Logically, salad dressing is part of salad and so are croutons. They go together. (And it’s pretty nice to get something for free!)


But then some buy this/get that deals are slightly more confusing. Like buying string cheese and getting an 8″ pair of scissors.


At first I thought, no it makes sense – back to school snack and back to school supply. These scissors, though, aren’t back to school scissors. They are sharp, huge, and totally not kid friendly. And they aren’t kitchen shears, either, so no using them to cut up chicken or anything. They were on the other side of the store, tucked away in office supplies.

Even the cashier was stumped, but agreed that, yes, free stuff is good, even when you have no idea why it’s free.

And since I mentioned free stuff, I’d like to take this chance to apologize to the person in front of me in line. The bagger clearly felt I was far more in need of your Double Stuff Oreos, and so he put them in my bag. Not my bad. Honest. Just found them while putting away my groceries. But, hey – free!