Sometimes you’re the fish eggs…and sometimes you’re the corpse

Russia had two “finds” over the past week. 

First, they followed someone home and discovered that he had, indeed, been removing women from their graves.  And turning them into really, really creepy dolls.  Yeah, the video pretty much says it all.  And the best part is that he was a history professor before he became a doll maker.  Or maybe during?  I really want to know what kind of comments he made on his students’ papers…

To return to the topic at hand, though, the second find was a cache of caviar in the spot where there should have been a cache or corpses.  Yes, a hospital morgue was apparently helping store some caviar that was apparently intended for a holiday party.   If I was an employee there, I think I might begin to bring all my own food and drink from home.

But, regardless, the point is this:
In one case, the find was something valuable in someplace you wouldn’t expect it.  In the other case, it was something truly creepy in someplace…well, truly creepy.  I’ll let you decide which is which.