When is a rose not a rose? Apparently when it can still be nipped in the bud…

Image by Clarita at morgueFile
“The Boy Scouts of America – as modern as phrenology!”
Image by Clarita at morgueFile

The Boy Scouts of America have still lost my support.

I used to buy popcorn from my neighbor’s son…then I found out that the boy scouts had kicked out a leader because, horror of all horrors, he was gay.  That’s right, he had the absolute gall, the nerve!, to not be in a heterosexual relationship.  Yeah.  So I had to stop buying the popcorn, even though it tasted good and even though I knew that my neighbor’s son was getting a lot out of boy scouts.  Because there was a problem.

The problem, as I see it, is that humanity has something wrong it.  Humanity can only think something is good if they can keep it from someone else.  It just makes it “more special” if you can withhold it from another person, regardless of the reason.  Kinda like a bully playing keep-away with a backpack in junior high.

Now the boy scouts have decided to go ahead and, if the vote is approved, allow scouts in if they’re gay, but, still, not gay scout leaders.

Honestly, there are only two ways for this to go.

1. They believe that gays choose to be gays.
2. They believe that people are born gay or straight.

In both cases, their decision is…oh…what’s the word?….moronic.

If one is true, then why let those boys in during the decision-making time of life?  What if they – gasp! – “turn” the other boys gay, too, what with their wiley ways and hidden agenda?  Unless the scouts think that their awesome paramilitary organization will “change” or “fix” the boy.  (Although the uniform kind of implies a certain kind of fetish…but I won’t go there…yet.)

If two is true, then what difference does it make?  If someone is born gay, there is no reason whatsoever to ban a group based on something that they have no control over.  That would be like banning someone for having cross eyes or freckles.  And even the boy scouts can probably admit that’s stupid, although I may be overestimating their intelligence.

Regardless, the boy scouts have once against disappointed people with a brain, and I’m sad to see it happen.  Maybe eventually they will grow up and get over their own bullying discriminatory agenda and realize that sharing is better than excluding.