I should know better by now

Sometimes we expect more from others because we would be willing to do that much for themAs the awesome singer/songwriter Emma Wallace once said, “Pumpkins don’t turn into a coach anyhow. But I still grow ‘em in my garden patch, though I should know better by now.”

The same thing can be true of family. I should stop expecting anything, but sometimes, it’s hard to realize that people that are supposed to care just don’t.

My son just turned 16 this past Sunday. He had a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese because he loves it. Pictures of the events, showing him enjoying himself, went live on FB.

My sister saw the images. She even commented on one, noting how much fun he looked to be having. But she didn’t say happy birthday. 

No one in my family did.

I admit, my family is pretty small: I only have a sister and a father, and I’m not exactly close with my father for various reasons, but just because I’m not close to him doesn’t mean that he can’t at least try to reach out to his grandson. His first grandson. His older grandson. He didn’t. My sister didn’t.

I don’t even ask for presents for him, although that would certainly be nice. But a simple “happy birthday” on FB, in a text message, or even during a phone call would make a difference.

Sending a card, I think, isn’t too big a deal either – a stamp costs less than $.50, and if you go to the Dollar Tree, you can buy a cute birthday card for $.50, too. A dollar. Spend a dollar. I don’t think that’s asking for a lot, really I don’t.

The problem with all these things, though, is that they all expect the person on the other end of the situation to set a date in their phone or write a date on a paper calendar. That’s the effort I think is lacking. The simple act of remembering.

So, it’s another year of nothing.


I should know better by now.  


Steaks, Shakes, and Stilettos

I didn’t purposely start this blog to just be a laundry list of complaints.  But when the stiletto fits…

Now, you may be asking yourself, what does a stiletto have to do with Steak ‘N Shake, that normally awesome place to get a cheap burger and fries with some good milkshake.  Well, let me tell you a story.

So my birthday was earlier this week, but it was in the middle of the week, and so we decided to go out to celebrate it on Friday.  Seemed logical.  We decided on hitting the Steak N Shake out in Pearland because there was a movie theater right there, so we could eat and see Judge Dredd.

We got to the “restaurant” an hour before the movie.  Should be plenty of time, right?  Wrong.  Because right after we got there, a whole busload of students from some sport (volleyball? softball?) also pulled in and they went to the “to go” line.  Still shouldn’t have been a problem.  But apparently they were understaffed, both mentally and physically.

It took a few minutes to get seated because no one was clearing the empty tables.  They just sat there, drinks and other detritus still waiting.  So eventually they cleared one and seated us.  Yay! We ordered our food and our shakes.  Ten minutes, we got our drinks.  Meanwhile, half the team had been served and were standing around, eating.  Thirty more minutes, and the table next to use – who had been seated and ordered long before we got there – stood up and left.  Hmmm.  The movie was coming up, and the food was nowhere to be seen.  But the team had *all* been served, including the coach who had been last in line, and they were happily finishing their food.  While we waited, ignored.  Forty minutes of sitting and waiting.  Nothing.

We did quick math to pay for our drinks, left cash on the table, and got up to leave.  A waitress saw us going, and we told her the problem.  Her response.  “Oh, I just got here.”

On our way out, we ran into a couple who told us that they had gotten there 30 minutes before the team, and they had been served as we walked in.  And their food was cold.  And no one cared.

So we went to see our movie (not a bad one, for those who like Dredd and ultra-violence in slow-motion).

But here’s the other thing.  In the parking lot, when we got there and when we were leaving, we saw a van.  It was “Stiletto Steppin.”  We had to know what it was because, really, if you saw that in a parking lot, wouldn’t you want to know, too?

Apparently, CW39 had a recent “news” piece on them.  And just like I’m not willing to call Steak N Shake a restaurant (don’t restaurants normally serve food to customers?), I can’t call this a news piece.  It starts off by saying, “Women are nuts about their shoes.  They’d literally fight for them.”  Literally fight for them.  Yup.  A “news” article is telling me that I would fight for my shoes.  Not bloody likely, “news” channel!

I’m not gonna lie.  I like shoes.  Totally like them.  I buy them.  I wear them.  But fight? Only if the prize was $10,000 or a full-ride scholarship.  Not a pair of stilettos decorated with rhinestones and other novelties.

I love the idea of a woman starting her own mobile show business.  That’s pretty cool.  I wouldn’t mind it if every business became mobile, in fact – that could help fuel our obesity epidemic.  But the reporting on the business?  The part where the owner of the shoe van, Shawn Bassett, spoke was interesting, and I could see how it would be a good business model.  The article itself?  Horrible.

Regardless, to get back to the point of this blog – Steak N Shake in Pearland? Boo to you!  Dredd? Yay! Shoe van? Interesting. Reporting as per CW39? Boo to you, too!

All in all, a pretty interesting evening out that resulted in me having a headache from having a shake for dinner and getting all annoyed with two different places.  Hopefully next year’s birthday will be a bit better.