More weirdness that I swear does not make me crazy

My computer was searching for underwater hotels without me...and listening to music.
My computer was searching for underwater hotels without me…and listening to music.

So about a month ago, I posted about a weird thing that happened.

Well, more things have been happening. Weird things. Unusual things. Strange things.

They all seem to happen in my office.

The biggest one was that the radio and TV would change channels when I left the room. It happened once or twice, and I wrote it off – Molly is magic at stepping on the remote control in the bedroom and turning off the TV. Her feet find the exact spot. It could happen in my office, too.

At least, the TV changing channels could.

But I’m not sure how the radio could change channels. I don’t have any presets, and the cats would have to be super talented in order to change from one to the next without the use of the remote or any presets.

I was willing to let that pass. I mean, strange things happen, right? And maybe I was just forgetting what I had set things to or I had done it before leaving the room. I doubted that, but, hey, I’ve done weirder things.

Then my computer got in on it.

Okay, so this I know for a fact was not me.

I closed my computer, and I went to bed.

The next morning, I opened my computer…

And apparently it had been searching for vacations while I was asleep.

I don’t even use that browser! How did it open a browser and do that search?

I. Did. Not. Do. That.


But I’m not crazy.

I am beginning to look at my cabinet of curiosities a little funny, though. There are an awful lot of weird toys in there. Did I buy the wrong one?

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