duck-for-take-1No, not from “16 Candles.” (That was the movie, right?)

Anyway, no, it was this little red devil ducky I saw by the side of the road.  It made me all sad – the poor little ducky had been abandoned! It also totally intrigued me. Who abandoned it? Why was it there?

I saw it there a bunch of times. It was in the gutter by the turn onto the feeder road for 45, right by the car dealership. It never moved. But it did get dirtier each time.

I went and got it yesterday.

I know, it’s gross and disgusting, right? But I thought it would be cool for my cabinet of curiosities. It looks weird as hell, completely worn out from all the weather it saw. And its eyes did that soul-piercing thing. Okay, maybe not soul-piercing, but still. I felt bad for it.

Did someone toss it out of their car? Was someone on a bike and it fell out of their pocket as they took that dangerous as hell corner? Was someone foolishly on foot, got hit by a car, and it went flying from their backpack? No idea.

But now I have it, and I’m going to clean it up and add it to my cabinet with all my creepy toys. Go cabinet!

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