And then God mocked me…

mockedMy day did really not go as planned.

I was going to get up at 8, leave at 8:30, get to the farmer’s market at 9 for set-up, be ready by 10, and then sell my awesome stuff all day long.

Well, instead, I had a problem waking up because I was super tired. By the time I had convinced myself to get up and get moving, my phone rang: my neighbor’s daughter had locked her keys in her car and thought that I still had her spare keys. Of course, I didn’t because she had also locked her keys in her car on Friday, and I brought them to her. She still had them. Whoops.

Lots of crying on the phone. A teenager melt-down.

Patrick and Simon (husband and son) ran to get her and drive her to work and grab some donuts – which is where she had been when she accidentally locked her keys in the car. They dropped her at work, came home, and I ate a donut before I went running, late of course, to the farmer’s market.

It took me over an hour to set up, which it turned out was okay because by the time I was done, I hadn’t realized that the farmer’s market had technically started. Not that I had noticed because the place was still empty.

And it was a bad day.

I sold nothing.

Literally. Nothing. N.O.T.H.I.N.G.

But, hey, at least I wasn’t alone, right? The vendor right next to me folded up their stuff at 1 p.m. (the market was supposed to last until 3) because they hadn’t sold anything. I tried to hold out hope, but by the time 2:15 rolled around, I decided that perhaps they were right, and I began packing it in.

By the time I left at 2:45, multiple other vendors had packed up and were either leaving or had already left.

That all sucks, right? I spent multiple days this week trying to get stuff made, trying to get ahead, trying to be prepared to sell stuff – and I was kind of planning on the money to pay for a manicure/pedicure this week – but that’s okay, right? A bad sales day happens sometimes.

Except that then…then God(s) mocked me.

While I was shutting up the tables, someone walked behind me and pointed out a crumpled dollar bill on the ground behind me. Obviously, someone had dropped it and moved on, not noticing it. I put it up on the table while I finished up, waiting to see if anyone came back to look for it, but in the end, I gave up and shoved it in my pocket.

A dollar. I got a dollar for my day. And I didn’t even earn it. It was randomly abandoned behind me. Bah humbug.

So I’ll leave you with this lovely song…

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