Great Coffee Experiment – Updated

Clearly, I needed to do this experiment/challenge because it’s only Friday, and I last bought Starbucks on Monday…and, wow, do I want me some Starbucks!

I’m going to hold out – really, I’m going to!  At least I’m going to try.  But I have to admit that the urge to give in is strong.

I had kind of hoped to find a loophole in my original post, something that specified that it only counted if I bought myself Starbucks, and that way I could ask other people to get me Starbucks. Nope.  That’s not in there.  I never once say that it’s only if I buy it myself.  I straight out said that I was aiming for only four Starbucks drinks in four weeks.  Why didn’t I give myself a loophole??

So, sad as it is, I’m fighting the good fight and trying to avoid giving in.  I only have to make it two+ days: the rest of today and then Saturday and Sunday.  I have a feeling I know where I’ll find myself on Monday morning, though…

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