Bushy Brows! Image by Salvatore Vuono via freedigitalphotosdotnet
Bushy Brows!
Image by Salvatore Vuono via freedigitalphotosdotnet

This week, Jezebel tossed an article up about the fashion of women having bushy eyebrows.

Apparently Cara Delevigne (should I know who that is? or pretend to know?) made it cool to have bushy eyebrows. Which means that it wasn’t cool before.

So I didn’t know that because, well, I didn’t care, but what I did care about and the whole reason I’ve bothered to write this blog is because I have eyebrows. Boy do I have eyebrows. And I like my eyebrows. They’re noticeable, and they go above my eyes, right where they belong. I never plucked them. I never waxed them. But other people seem to think I should.

I tend not to be a girly-girl, but sometimes I go there. Especially when it comes to getting manicures and pedicures. I could go for a manicure every week – or more – and be totally happy. It’s fun, it’s relaxing, and I get pretty pretty princess nails. Who doesn’t love that?

What I don’t love, though, is when I get someone new to do my nails for me because, inevitably, before the end of my manicure, I get the question, “And do you need eyebrow wax?” And I always say, “No.” And they ask again, “Are you sure? No wax?” As if I will suddenly smack myself in the forehead (getting nail polish in my hair) and say, “Oh my heavens! I forgot that I was a hairy beast! Please, please wax my eyebrows for me!”

Instead, I just reiterate my no and tell them to please never ask again. And then, if I go back, I make sure I don’t get that manicurist again. Because, honestly, it is no one’s business if I wax my eyebrows or if I “should” wax them.

Now, I suppose, I will have less worry because maybe they’ll lay off the questioning since the bushy brow is back.

(Just in case you were one of the pluckers or tweezers or waxers or whatever, Jezebel does let you know that there are options to fix the lack of eyebrow bushiness. You can put Rogaine on your brows, apply “a topical eyebrow-growth solution that retails for a mere $110,” or get eyebrow transplants – yes, for real – extensions, or even eyebrow merkins. Can everyone say “ewwwwww” with me?)

So, really, I’m not sure which is worse – adding hair or taking it away. Either way, I’m sticking with my eye brow happiness route and ignoring the shit out of the advice being given. Except maybe I’d donate some of my eyebrow hair for a transplant if it paid good enough…anyone know where you go to get in on that gig?

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