A New Year – A New Hair Color! (And an experimental blog!)

A kind person would call it turquoise.
A cruel person would call it green.
The bottle called it Azul Oceano (Atlantic Blue).


I call it seaweed.


Which is sort of appropriate
Since I’m sitting here in my Cthulhu shirt
(one of them: I had a different one yesterday;
I’ll have another one tomorrow).
But the thought of the sea and the ocean
And things that have a surprise ending
Totally works.
The color change and the change of the year
Along with the changes in my life
(less money, more work, more putting myself out there)
Tells me my seaweed happened for a reason.
Not that I believe in “The Secret” or fate.
So I’m running with it
And enjoying it
And ignoring the cruel people
Because I have better things to do.

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