Exercise should not require a full-time job

Take the yacht to the kayak, baby!
Take the yacht to the kayak, baby! (Photo by Seemann @ morgueFile)

Okay, so I have to admit that I have been lazy lately and not doing as much as I should be, in terms of exercise.  Some of it is from being busy, some of it is from being tired, and some of it is just poor time management skills.  I can own up to that.  (I don’t think today can count, though – I had gotten my book and was ready to get on the exercise bike when I started having an ocular migraine and all sorts of funky symptoms…apparently, in this case, my brain was against the thought of me exercise…)

Regardless, I’m finally up and moving after a few hours of intense pain – it’s still there, but I’m moving through it and hanging out in a mostly darkened room with coffee – and I decided to read some of the Houston Chronicle.  I started going through the “Health Zone” because, see above, I wanted to get back into exercise.

And there’s an awesome little section on page K8, “Gym Bag: Kayaking: Take your workout outdoors” by Sarah Rufea.  Apparently Sarah Rufea believes in doing things the “right” way.  And by “right” way, what I mean is the, “holy crap you better hope you have a bank account that you can drain” way.

Her suggestions include:

  • Perception Carolina 12 Kayak for $850
  • Roxy Lapped One-Piece Swimsuit for $82
  • Keen Clearwater CNX Sandals for $100
  • Coach Alexa Sunglasses for $148
  • Murad Essential-C Sun Balm for $25
  • Rachel Zoe Woven Sun Hat for $125
  • Astral Buoyancy V-Eight PFD (Personal Floatation Device) for $105

So, to take that workout outdoors, it would cost you a mere $1,435.

Gosh, is that all?

Now, I realize that I’m not a Kayak fan, and I haven’t really gotten into the whole go down the river and try not to die kinda sports, but I have to think that I can find sandals for less than $100 and sun tan lotion for less than $25.  I know I can find a hat for less than $125, and PFDs for adults seem to start at $50 (although, as a safety item, there’s nothing wrong with spending a bit more than the minimum).  But $150 Coach sunglasses for Kayaking?  Really?  And when I google up some Kayaks, they seem to start around $200+.

Okay, so Kayaking isn’t a cheap hobby.  But I’m thinking I could get started for under $500 if I really, really wanted to run down the rapids (is that what you do in a Kayak?  Really, I don’t know…)

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