Does University of Phoenix have a foot fetish?

Time to make the donuts...I mean, change my socks!
Time to make the donuts…I mean, change my socks!

I’m a University of Phoenix alum (2003, BS in Information Technology), and a few years ago, I briefly taught for Axia College (a subset of U of P). It didn’t work out for me – it wasn’t a good fit – and I took an extended leave of absence from adjuncting for them for reasons I won’t go into in this blog. But the point is, the last time I taught a class for them was in 2011.

So you can understand my shock and surprise when I not only received one of the “Faculty Matters” magazines, but also a pair of socks. Yes, socks.


And not just any socks. According to the back of the magazine, they’re part of the “lucky socks” TV ad.

But wait – there’s more!

The envelope they came in says, “A new year, a new pair of socks.” Which worries me for a reasons. First, does that imply that they believe their faculty members only change their socks once a year? Second, it’s the middle of March! The new year started over 60 days ago. If I’d really been waiting on these socks as part of the new year, my feet would either be really dirty, really cold, or both.

And just to finish this on a high note, my husband, who also has been and currently is teaching there and is also currently enrolled there as a student, did *not* receive either the magazine or the socks.

Perhaps this is a bribe to get me to come back? Or perhaps it’s like when, after laying me off, another university sent me a mug full of chocolates and a “thank you for all you do.” (And those chocolates went straight into the trash…I didn’t fancy finding out if they were part of my “severance package” in a bad way.)

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