What’s more dangerous – guns or strippers?

This is my boom stick! (Picture by Albert Hovakimyan, CC-BY, via Wikimedia Commons)
This is my boom stick! (Picture by Albert Hovakimyan, CC-BY, via Wikimedia Commons)
A dangerous stripper in action! (Picture by Zappel Jazz, CC-BY, via Wikimedia Commons)
A dangerous stripper in action! (Picture by Zappel Jazz, CC-BY, via Wikimedia Commons)

Now, let me start by saying this: yes, I own guns.  (Don’t ask for details.)  And, yes, I’ve been to strip clubs.  (Again, don’t ask for any details.)

So while a group of people is arguing for more stringent gun control laws, another lawmaker is going after the true danger: strippers.

Yup, you read that right.

Right now, in Texas, to buy a gun, you have a few options.  Buy it or get it from a family member.  Buy it from a pawn shop.  Buy it from a sporting goods shop.  Buy it from a gun dealer.  But you know what?  It doesn’t matter how you get it.  In the state of Texas, there is no waiting period and there is no registration required.  The only time you need a license is to carry is when you want to carry concealed. http://www.txchia.org/getchl.htm

But Republican Representative Bill Zedler (Arlington) is pushing for licensing for something that is a true scourge.  Strippers.  He’s introduced a bill that would require strippers to wear badges at work and be licensed by the state.  Of course, he realizes that might be dangerous for them – letting their customers know their real names opens them up to all sorts of stalking and other potential criminal acts (although not “legitimate rape” of course, since he is a Republican…).  To fix that little issue, he suggests that they cover their name on the badges to protect their identities.

So let’s review.

Guns: No licensing or registration
Strippers: Licenses from the state, but they get to cover up their names

Now, the concept behind the name tags for strippers is to protect women because it will supposedly help to keep underage girls and girls obtained through sex trafficking out of the clubs.  Because, you know, the people involved in organized crimes like sex trafficking will have absolutely no way to create fake IDs.

Just like making stronger gun laws would stop people involved in criminal activities from getting guns.

I’m not coming down on either side of the gun control argument here – the point I’m trying to make is really more basic than that.  Politicians are assholes who simply throw stuff out there in hopes that it will stick and they’ll be re-elected (or elected).  All of these laws and proposals are meaningless posturing that will have no effect on us or our safety.  Maybe someday some worthwhile legislation will be introduced and we can get behind it.

But until then, who wants to hit the shooting range and then get drunk and ogle some boobies?

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