No one ever said that life was fair…

Scales to check the balance…
by AntonyB at fr.wikipedia, CC-BY, via Wikimedia Commons

But there are definitely some things that go beyond “unfair.”

I work as a college professor. And I’ll be honest – at best, I get $1,600 a class. For a semester. Think about the number of hours I put in per month, and you’ll see, it’s not nothing, but it’s sure not a lot. That’s because I’m an adjunct. Colleges and universities love us cheap adjuncts because they can pay us nothing and then be able to do things like this…

Turn a blind eye to a professor who spend $600/night hotels. Who rents Land Rovers at $180/day while traveling for “school business.” Who buys $8,000 worth of Mont Blancs for “computation by hand written devices.”

And the professor in question sees no problem with the spending because it’s not tuition, state, or federal funds. It’s from the “private sector, mostly big oil companies, which pump big bucks into the University for a research program that Dr. Weglein runs.”

So…what we’ve learned is that a professor sees no problem with lavish spending because he feels like he earns it by being a corporate shill. Ya know, before, in a previous blog, I said that I disagreed that the academic system was totally corrupt. I may have to take that back because, obviously, the system is corrupt. And maybe it still isn’t right to cheat, but we need to look at how our higher education system is being run, and maybe we need to look a bit closer at not just our students but our educators, too.

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