Flying home

Leaving Tampa in just over an hour now. It seems like the past ten days have flown and dragged. It was like an entire semester compressed into those days, with no time to live or breathe. So sitting here and thinking I’ve got four months of work ahead of me is crazy.

Had an excellent experience last night at what bills itself as the oldest restaurant in Florida. Great food, great service, and great flamenco show (which I’d never seen before).

Slept horribly last night, so I can’t wait to get on the plane and take a nap. I made the foolish mistake of checking my alarm before I went to sleep. Or not so foolish since I had set it for 5 pm, not 5 am. I fixed it, but then I woke up all night long, convinced I had missed it and terrified I was waking up at 7 am, far too late to make my 7.35 flight.

But I wasn’t just responsible for my own wake-up. I also had to wake up my travel wife, who sleeps very heavy.

The alarm went off, I jumped, hopped out of bed, and started the coffee brewing. Then I knocked on her bedroom door. “Wakey wakey eggs and bakey!”


Tried it again.

Her TV had been on all night, and I think it was louder than I was. I tried banging on the door one more time, pretty sure I was going to wake up all the neighboring rooms. Then I did It. I went into her room.

And she was toasted out, completely oblivious.

What next? I didn’t want to touch her. I tried calling her name again. No dice. Maybe I should find the remote and turn off the tv? Couldn’t find it, and the tv had no obvious buttons on it in the dark – the curse of modern technology. So I fell back to an old favorite. I hit her with a pillow.

It worked!

Now we’re at the Tampa International Airport, the TSA agent manning the desk gave my id and ticket the stink eye, like they was suddenly going to transform or tell him I wasn’t me, and we’re collapsed at the gate, waiting to board the flight and take a nap.

But I’m almost home!

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