Coming up next, leeches!

By Deepestbluesea at en.wikipedia [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File%3AThree_early_medicine_bottles.jpg

Autism has suffered its share of slings and arrows.

It was caused by refrigerator mothers.  Vaccines.  Rainy days.  Or, the easier solution, according to some, was that it didn’t exist at all and was just misbehaving children. 

Then it was all about how to cure it.  Hyperbaric chambers.  Chelation.  GFCF diets.  Jenny McCarthy. 

None of them worked.  Some of them were dangerous.

Some can be considered child abuse or endangerment.

Then today I learned about something so scary that I had to research it and write an article for it for the Examiner

MMS – Miracle Mineral Solution.  Basically, it’s a bleach enema.  The signs that it’s working, according to its adherents, are the same signs of poisoning from the bleach and are potentially fatal. 

On one hand, I understand the urge to find the cure.  And in a hurry.  My son, who just turned 10, is still functioning at the level of a 3 or 4 year old, and when they test him, he comes up MR (Mentally Retarded) because he is unable to take the tests that are meant to measure his IQ. 

But I still can’t – and won’t – endorse anything that is straight out and out torture.  How many of these parents would endure these things themselves?  How many have medical training?  How many are doing it for their children, and not themselves? 

Are we going back to the dark ages where we use an ice pick to lobotomize those who are different

What about mercury to treat syphilis

Oh, I know, let’s go for some “corrective rapes” to fix lesbians

I know that I’ll probably get some hate mail (and comments) on this one, but let’s face medical and scientific facts.  Refrigerator mothers are no more the cause than vaccines, and Jenny McCarthy is as medically trained as a blind mole rat.

We can’t expect the government to us from ourselves – the FDA issues warnings all the time, but no one listens – but maybe we can try to save each other.  Follow the science and the medicine.  It’s not perfect, I know, but it’s a lot better than the rest of the ideas out there.


4 thoughts on “Coming up next, leeches!

  1. What I can’t understand is why the FDA is only “warning” against this? If I were to suggest people take straight bleach and use it to give a child an enema, I would be arrested. But because these people are using the workaround of making the bleach solution from other ingredients they aren’t breaking some law somewhere? This is just insane.

  2. @Grace – Refrigerator mothers were the original “cause” of autism. You see, the doctors decided, autism was caused by mothers who did not show love and affection to their children. They were “cold” to their children, so they called them refrigerator mothers. It wasn’t just the cause of autism; plenty of other issues with kids were blamed on them. It was a handy way to shift the blame and make sure it was always on the mom. Nice, no?

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