Today is Intolerance Day!

Sheep and Pig - An Unorthodox Relationship
Sheep and Pig – An Unorthodox Relationship

People are people
So why should it be
You and I should get
Along so awfully
People are people
So why should it be
You and I should get
Along so awfully

So we’re different colours
And we’re different creeds
And different people have different needs
It’s obvious you hate me
Though I’ve done nothing wrong
I’ve never ever met you so what could I have done

I can’t understand
What makes a man
Hate another man
Help me understand
(From: http://www.elyrics.net/read/d/depeche-mode-lyrics/people-are-people-lyrics.html)


Okay, so maybe it’s not really intolerance day, but it sure feels like it!

First, there was the news that showed up on CNN this morning about the ex-Rutgers student who, for bullying, harassing, and causing another person to commit suicide, was sentenced to a whopping 30 days in jail, three years probation, and some community service.  (Plus paying restitution, but this is really one of those cases where I think the money doesn’t matter…we’re talking about a dead guy here.  $11,000 isn’t really going to bring him back…)

Then there’s the awesome news on Huffington Post.  (Yes, yes, I know, talk about biased reporting, but they didn’t even have to put a bias on this one!)  Charles L. Worley, a pastor in North Carolina, suggested that gays and lesbians be put in an electrified pen so that they will eventually die out.

Okay, so far, all the news has focused on big stories that made the news and that involved gays and lesbians.  But the intolerance doesn’t always make the news.  Sometimes it’s found in much different places…

A humor website I love “White Whine” had a posting today that got me.  “Kyle” (whose picture and last name have been blurred out) stated that “If you play the lottery that is getting pregnant, you know the risks, and if you have a retarded kid, I shouldn’t have to pay for it its entire life. I don’t make decisions that you have to pay for.  The way it is now, if you have a retarded kid, that kid goes on Social Security from day one…and they haven’t paid a dime into it.”

Wow.  Just wow.

The problem is that people like Kyle exist, and they cause those problems that we see in the news, but until they make the news, we don’t know about them.  They are the problems that hide in plain sight, and until we know about them, we can’t do anything about them.

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