Do you need some aloe vera for that burn?

aloe veraSometimes I think it’s kind of scary how much TV influences my life.  Most of the time, it’s amusing.  Quoting TV one liners that are funny and appropriate, like The Big Bang Theory’s line about needing aloe vera for a burn.  But other times…maybe it’s not such a good thing that so much that I say references TV. 

 I’m slowing down my Facebook addiction by limiting my log-ins, but do I need to limit more than just Facebook?  Do I also need to limit my tv watching?

Although, to be fair, if I’m going to stop checking in at Facebook and stop watching so much TV, when do I stop listening to music and surfing the web? When do I become a total Luddite and start avoiding all technology? Should I stop blogging? Should I only look for jobs that are listed in the print newspaper?

I hate to go back to the old adage of everything in moderation, but that might just be where I’m going.  I don’t want to stop doing anything, but I do want to stop doing it as often.  Checking Facebook ten times a day is probably excessive.  Checking it twice, not as bad.  Watching an hour or two of TV a day, definitely not a horrible way to unwind. 

So maybe I won’t give up everything, but I will watch it.  And maybe I’ll let myself get addicted to something better, like a bit more exercise and writing.

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