The Contest of Who Could Care Less

Fine Pewter Portraits... Image by pixtawan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Fine Pewter Portraits… Image by pixtawan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

do ya never rest?  fighting the battle of who could care less 

unearned unhappiness
well that’s alright I guess

and I’ve got this great idea
why don’t we pitch it to the Franklin fuckin’ Mint?

fine pewter portraits of
General Apathy and
Major Boredom singing
whatever and ever amen

oh well
maybe not
I’ll try again

– Ben Folds Five, The Battle of Who Could Care Less



So I just started a new “class” to help me boost my writing output, and while I love the author, her ideas, and her willingness to work with us plebs, there is one thing I don’t love, and it’s something I run into all the time. The contest of who is busier.

Now, maybe the reason I’m all bitchy about it is because I am busy and I do whine about it sometimes, but what is up with the competition of trying to run ourselves into the ground? People brag about dropping sleep, having no time for friends and family, and how successful that’s made them.

Okay, I’ll give that avoiding, well, let’s call it “life” does give you a lot more time to work, but is that really so great?

Yes, I want my writing to be successful. But do I want to have to lock myself in a room and ignore my husband and son every night? Ignore my friends? Ignore my urge to sleep? Avoid exercise? Eat only take out?

And, really, what’s wrong with a good whine every now and then? Someone once told me that we all have our own personal hells. So maybe you have no problem teaching an overload of classes, dealing with an autistic child, and trying to find a job. Throw in some general stress, prepping for school – or attending it – paying bills, and running a household.

Yes, I’m busy. Yes, I’ll whine about it. Yes, I may even scoff at those who complain even when they have less to do, but then I try to keep in mind that we all are pushing ourselves to our limits – or doing whatever we can do to be happy. So let’s stop judging who is busier and instead go with who is happier.

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