Irony is not just the opposite of wrinkly…or is it?

At least, not here in League City. (And, yeah, I do consider myself a League City resident even though my mailing address and school district isn’t part of it. But my tax base and services are, so I kind of think they’re stuck with me.)

Anyway, to get back onto the topic that I hinted at up there in the title of this blog, there is definitely just a hint of irony in the air this month. That’s because of a recent news story about a League City district clerk who pled guilty to a domestic violence charge.

By itself, it’s not really anything more than tragic. Just another abusive relationship perpetrated by someone who I wind up supporting in a roundabout way with my taxes. But it’s more than just that, for anyone who just happened to be paying attention to local news.   Because, you see, in March of 2010, League City applied for a grant to get a social worker who would be able to follow up on domestic violence calls.  Then, in October of 2010, League City actually hired the social worker.  It made the news and everything – the 193% increase in cases of “family violence” between 2009 and 2010, the Family Services Unit that would be set up to help, and how other programs like this had been going on for 10 years.

So, let’s go over this again.  The headline for our local news on December 28 was that our League City district clerk pled guilty to striking his wife in order to avoid jail time, and that he paid a measly $372 and will have two years of probation under deferred adjudication. 

Irony? Wrinkly?  You decide…


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