Being a cool kid in high school

Posted: September 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

One of the pluses of teaching college English to dual credit (re: high school) students is all the stuff you learn about teenagers today.  Like the fact that they don’t understand the word “Democrat” and aren’t sure what a “political party” is.  Because, really, who can care about silly things like that when there are way more important things to figure out – like how to pay for eyebrow waxing.

Yes, really.

Did I miss something when I was in high school?  Or did I just avoid it by not being friends with those types of girls?  Or did my friends just never talk to me about it?

I can’t imagine being in high school and being worried that my eyebrows weren’t the right shape or size.  Even today I get annoyed when someone at the nail salon asks if I want my eyebrows waxed.  Why should I pluck and poke at my brows?  Aren’t they perfectly happy as they are? Are they really crying out in the night for more room to spread out?

I guess I could look at this as a bigger rant, especially considering the recent DC re-launch (fiasco to most women, anyway), but I don’t want it to be.  It really is just about eyebrows.

Viva la unibrow!


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