There’s an app for that…

So as a recent participant in Slutwalk Houston, I was very interested to see this article on The Chronicle of Higher Ed.

Apparently, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, with the Department of Health and Human Services, decided that they would release an app to help stop sexual assault and rape.  They are asking for people to design it and submit it to the contest.

The purpose of the app in plain speak?  It is meant to let women set up friends and emergency contacts for check-ins (silent alarms) for when they go into high risk situations.  And then, just in case that fails, the women will be able to get access to information about dealing with the assault or rape.

The article includes a quote from Kimber J. Nicoletti-Martinez, the director of multicultural efforts to end sexual assault at Purdue University.  She said that  “an app that calls on female students to take preventative measures has its shortcomings. It relies on women recognizing when they are at risk and does not change the attitude that the burden to avoid assault is on women.”

So, once again, we’ve decided that women are at fault when they are raped or assaulted.  Damn them for not knowing when they are at risk!  Why aren’t they carrying their spare tire?

Seriously, I’m glad to see that the government is finally taking rape on a college campus as a serious crime and not just as a prank, but there has to be a better way to handle it.  Put the responsibility where it belongs, firmly on the heads of the rapists.

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