Innovate This!

I love when the news gets it wrong.  Like today on the CNN website.  They have an article in which Fareed Zakaria explores how Americans can get their “edge” back for innovation.  Here’s the thing – their tag line, meant to draw us all in, says: “Innovation is as American as apple pie.”

Now, I’m sure that I don’t have to be the one to point out that apple pie has actually shown up in one form or another since the Middle Ages in numerous European countries, including England, France, Italy, and Germany.  Apple tarts and pies are nothing new, and they are nothing American.

But they are, however, something that we have taken in and claim as our own.  So is that also how our innovation has occurred?  How many “Americans” are truly innovators?

I think it would depend on your definition of the word “American.”  I don’t want to get into a big immigration fight here, and I could feel one starting, but I do just want to point out that maybe we need to watch out for what we say and what we mean.  And maybe we want to check out our history books, too…


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