Tactile 3-D Experiences…

I stumbled across …interesting… news yesterday.  Let me share it with you:

The gist of it is this: Students thought it would be funny to take the cat they dissected for class and hang it on cars as a prank.  One kid did it to a friend, who retaliated and hung it back on the first kid’s car.

First, just let me say, how funny.  I haven’t heard anything this hilarious since I read American Psycho.  I just love seeing dead animals hanging around.

Second, the school district and its spokesman really need to rethink their position.  The spokesman said, and I quote, “The district is currently looking at software that will mimic a dissection.  The only problem is you don’t get that tactile 3-D experience.”  Apparently, the “tactile 3-d experience is what you get when you hang a cat from a car.

Seriously, who thinks these kids aren’t getting the “benefit” of a real dissection?  So far, what they’ve shown is that they have no respect for the dead and that they have a really poor sense of humor.  I think it may be time to take away that “benefit”…

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