Snow Day 2011

The weathermen spent all of Wednesday and Thursday screaming about the snow coming! Cold! Ice! Ruined lives! An inability to leave our homes!

And I wanted a snow day.  How bad is it when a teacher wishes for a snow day?  Especially since the class is only in week three?

Honestly, though, I’m not that horrified by the thought.  It’s not that I don’t want to teach – I am semi-annoyed that I now have two classes that are out of step with the third – but there’s just something about snow days.  Like when you’re a kid and you’re suddenly handed a whole day (on in my case, a whole evening).  It’s like finding time – hours of it!  And unlike Hans Moleman from the Simpsons – “I want my ten minutes back!  Never mind, I’ll only waste them anyway,” I’m good with wasting my hours away on frivolous things like cross stitch, watching TV, and reading.

So we got our snow day!  Everyone had Friday off.  And there was no snow whatsoever in our neck of the woods.

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