Tubal Cain

I know that in the grand scheme of things, I haven’t been unemployed that long, and I have lots of Spring adjuncting set up, but the lack of a full-time job is bringing me down.  And I have an interview on Monday for a gig I’d love to get, but my nerves are definitely getting to me.  I hate the uncertainty.  Will I get the gig?  Will I get a different gig?  Will I be an adjunct for at least one semester?  More than one semester?

I don’t know.

Which leads me to tubal cain.

Many years ago (but who’s counting?), there was an awesome sitcom called News Radio.  And in one episode, the station owner, Jimmy James, buys what amounts to a bit box of garbage.  It’s supposed to be film memorabilia, but it’s all totally bogus and very obviously so to everyone except, of course, Jimmy James.  So Jimmy James decides to sue the guy who sold it to him who had so horribly defrauded him.  Joe, the station handyman, tells Jimmy James that there’s one guaranteed way to win – just say “tubal cain” to the judge, and the judge is forced to rule in his favor.  Jimmy James thinks he’ll win anyway, and so he fights the case fairly.  But as the case progresses, it’s clear that Jimmy James is on the losing side.  So mere moments before the judge declares in favor of the salesman, Jimmy James says “tubal cain,” and the judge reverses his decision and Jimmy James wins.

The moral of the story?
Knowing the magic words turns the day into a win.

The point?
I really need to see if “tubal cain” gets me a job.

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