Too Much of a Good Thing

Ah, I had almost forgotten the joys of adjuncting!

The uncertainty!

The low pay!

The need to drive to multiple schools on multiple days and find that balance!

Honestly, I shouldn’t complain too much.  There are plenty of professions where part-time gigs like this would be heavenly.  But for me, right here and right now, I’m finding myself slightly more than overwhelmed with the response I’ve gotten.  Two schools (online) are interested in me, one wanting a phone interview and another asking for transcripts.  Multiple ground campuses wanting to talk with me, meet with me, and sign me up for classes.  Definitely not a bad thing! But trying to figure out which classes to take, which ones will work with scheduling with the others, and which ones will help me get the most out of my teaching hours is crazy when I won’t know anything for certain until a day or two before classes start.

I hate to use sports metaphors since I know nothing about them, but it really feels like I’ve suited up and am waiting on the bench for a call onto the field.  But I’m only going out if the first stringer gets injured or doesn’t bother showing up.  Or, to be more of a direct parallel, if enough fans show up in the stands.

So I wait to hear anything for sure, and I try to feel confident that somehow the schedule and money will work out.  And I keep looking for that new, magic full-time gig that will let me get connected again…

3 thoughts on “Too Much of a Good Thing

  1. You seem to be on that train ride which moves on the ancient hackneyed phrase, “some days chicken, some days feathers”. No fears, it will shortly move on, leaving you at a way station where the gate will lead to something purposeful. To para-quote our old friend Martha [lol], perhaps this is a good thing, Kate. For now, I hope you can find something positive about momentarily not writing up lessons plans, or rushing to classes, or spending half your salary in fueling your car, but simply being part of family life. For now, be blessed with peace and joy. And remember Emily, “hope is the thing with feathers…” Mary

  2. You’re being a bench player on a football team is an excellent analogy.

    I hope one of the full-time ones calls at 10:00 AM tomorrow.

  3. @Chuck – I won’t hear back about anything full-time until next year. Most schools are on break. But a lot of adjunct work seems to be coming my way…so we’ll see what happens.

    @Mary – Actually, I will wind up working *more* and getting paid *less* as an adjunct. Sooo….but I will be on “vacation” until the end of the year now, minus the interviews. 🙂

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