Full-Time Job

Okay, who knew that being unemployed was a full-time job?

I’ve been applying for jobs like it’s going out of style, and while it’s kind of interesting to see the different applications and styles out there, it’s also amazingly tiring.  I have discovered that sitting up between midnight and 2 AM is a great time to submit applications, though.  The house is quiet, and I have nothing against sitting in bed with my computer, cutting and pasting from my resume to the online apps that just about everyone has gone to.  I’ve only had to actually mail one resume – and that I could have faxed, but, really, who has a fax machine in this day and age?  Especially when something requires about 10 pages, in addition to the five page application?

Ah well, but the holidays are coming up!  I am going to take next week off from applying and actually enjoying having a bit of a “vacation” for a change…

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